Adam Burrows


well that magic gust of wind
responsible for our colliding
can be quick to change course
statistically speaking

it’s been known to do some damage
to take out miles of power lines
knock on wood it never happens
but if it ever catches our blind side

together we’ll find shelter
apart we’ll make a promise to call once the electric’s been restored
and in spite of all we can’t control
move forward

and those good intentions
that sometimes stand us up for dinner
we end up in some restaurant bar
talking to a stranger

a lightbulb flicker
a passing thought for being free
sign of the cross it never happens
but if we ever lose our clarity

together we’ll hold on to one another
apart once we’re coherent we’ll send out a search warrant with reward
and in spite of all we can’t control
move forward

we’ll count each day we’re free to sleep in
and you wake up in my arms
when we lay there for hours
or i catch you off guard
with some song and dance number
or you finish my sentence

if the roadmap ever wears out
we’ll just stop and ask directions
and the arsenal of memories
that we’ve taken time to store
will get us through the hard times
and help us to move forward