Adam Burrows

Adam Burrows creates unpretentious music that invites the listener to pay attention to the beauty found in every day life.

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April 10

Here’s a song about my daughter Aiya and her fascination with electricity. Hope you enjoy.

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Premiere | Adam Burrows – ‘A Hymn Instead of a Homily’ 4/10/2019
For Folk's Sake


08 Right – Adam Burrows (from the E.P. Forward) – Adam Burrows gets a little more than a quick lunch as he heads down a city street and spots a lovers car in a compromising parking lot. The song is the long version of decisions that all take place in an instant. Being “Right” is not really the goal, what we tolerate always trumps taking the correct steps.

The Alternate Root Top 10 Songs Of The Week
The Alternate Root

“It’s cliche and over-written when a new songwriter is hailed as the new Dylan, but when you’re the best thing I might have heard since an early Springsteen, you have much to live up to, at least in my head.”

Mojo Len
Skunk Magazine Volume 8, Issue 2, pg 98

“In Burrows’ music, however, you will find the genre in good form, offering you a narrative, a purpose, and also a melancholy that, while palpable, seems to emanate from a place that you can’t quite pinpoint. What you’ll also find in his songs is a thoughtfulness and an attention to structure that separates his turn of phrase from the many singer/songwriters who, while they may have the vocal chops, lack the same sense of metaphor; by comparison, these lesser lyricists leave you with the impression that you’ve heard something of little more substance than a loosely worded journal entry.”

Ear To the Rail

“Adam Burrows has a great folk song in ‘Just Another Adam,’ and stands out amongst the throng of folksy singer-songwriters calling Nashville home with a lyrical bent and poetic wit that, in my opinion, rivals the very best.”

Adam Cowden
Nashville N00bsauce

“The poeticism in this song is on a level that’s far above 90% of the singer/songwriters getting heavy radio rotation, and his lyrical talent really makes you wish there was more material to be had.”

Adam Cowden
Nashville N00bsauce

“From start to finish Tall Tales from Adam Burrows is a world class musical presentation. It’s one of the best earthy catalogues I’ve heard in a while. The music is very consistent, well-crafted and extremely entertaining. Note for note, song for song there isn’t really a weak piece on this entire catalogue.”

Cyrus Rhodes
The Muse’s Muse

“Adam Burrows’ vocal inflections, lyrics, and instrumental orchestrations remind me of Paul Simon’s masterpiece, ‘Hearts and Bones.'”

Steven Stone
Audiophile Review

“…a pleasing conversational style on this EP of hopeful songs; the kind of guy you’d like to have a beer with before he gets up on stage in some small coffeehouse.”

Jamie Anderson

“The sound of Nashville singer/songwriter/guitarist Adam Burrows reminds me of the jangly, easily funky vibe of an eclectic summer folk festival. Never One For Silence boasts seven unpretentiously cool songs rich with lyrical images and clean, crisp musicianship.”

Chip Withrow
The Muse’s Muse

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