Adam Burrows


10th street and river grand
ya take pictures of a cuban band
you’re always in the moment
every single one of ‘em

apple blossom falling in your sweet tea
a swan chasing me around the lake
see who can get to the street first
you won because i wanted you to

you’re a spittin’ image
of firecrackers in a rusty tin can
tossin’, tumblin’,
smokin’, burnin’

and you ask me to come with you
and you say you’ll be alright
and i ask you to stay with me
and i say i won’t be alright

newspaper in bathtub water
i’m red, bloody from the funnies
i feel dumber now that you’re gone
and no one to laugh at me

i wonder what you’re doing
are you alone or did you find somebody new
and is he like me
dreaming and asleep at the wheel

you asked me to come with you
and you said you’d be alright
i asked you to stay with me
and you told me i’d survive

i want to go to the plaza
i want to take you downtown
i want to buy you that pawnshop ring
you don’t have to promise anything this time
but i don’t want to be alone