Adam Burrows

About Adam

You’re going to remember Adam Burrows. As a songwriter and performer of singular accomplishment, Burrows’ warm and witty observations explore the beautiful landscapes found just beyond familiar horizons. Unpretentious and conversational, he offers songs that reflect his small town upbringing, celebrating the simplest of everyday moments in the words of characters that remain with you like old friends. As a gifted storyteller who’s practiced his rhythm, Adam delivers these narratives with percussive finger-picking and melodies that can haunt your idle moments for days.

There’s just something honest, fresh, and unique about Adam’s style that resonates. Respected Nashville DJ, Wells Adams says, “Adam Burrows is one of the best lyricists in this town, which is saying a lot in Music City, USA. I have lost count of the number of times I have featured him on my radio show and I’m itching to spin more of his records. He has played our showcases (Lightning 100) and left audience members and fellow musicians alike in awe. This guy is the real deal.”

Adam’s formative years in his native Ohio prepared him to make a move to Nashville, and in the decade that’s since passed, the evidence has shown that it’s where he ought to be. He’s been spotlighted for his exceptional work at respected venues across the region, been nominated in annual song writing competitions, and maintained an honored presence on radio programmers’ playlists, in Nashville and distant airwaves elsewhere.

He’s not one to hunker down in one spot, though— Burrows has toured the United States and Canada, and ranged as far as Sicily, Ireland, and Germany at the invitation of grateful audiences and other artists who admire his work. Internationally-known, Australian artist, Stu Larsen writes, “When Mike (Passenger) and I were on the road in North America last year, a guy came up to me after a show in Washington D.C. and gave me three of his road trip CDs which he thought we might like. We fell in love with one of them in particular, an album called Tall Tales by Adam Burrows. It quickly became a favourite and I’ve had a number of these tracks stuck in my head over the last six months. In fact, I loved these songs so much that I got in touch with Adam to tell him how much I loved his work and I ended up inviting him to tour with me through North America. I love how this world connects people.”

Adam has played at respected venues and festivals such as Musikfest, BMI’s 8 Off 8th, YouBloom LA, Bluebird Cafe, Musicians Corner, and Music City Roots. He was nominated for the Deli Nashville’s Best of 2012 Poll for Emerging Artists and was a Top eight finalist in Lightning 100’s 2013 Music City Mayhem contest.

Last year Adam recorded a Daytrotter Session, was selected for an official showcase at Folk Alliance International, was chosen as a finalist in the South Florida Folk Festival’s songwriting competition, toured on the Song and Whispers Songwriter’s circuit in Germany, and had his song “Right” featured as a top-ten song of the week in Alternate Root Magazine. Following up his three previous albums, Tall Tales, Never One for Silence, and Forward, he is currently working on a fourth album, and perfecting his newer material in live performances as often as possible.