Adam Burrows

About Adam

On Conversations, Nashville, TN singer songwriter Adam Burrows wraps poetic, painterly vignettes of the everyday in vibrant, acoustic indie-folk. Gifted with the knack for finding profound in the ordinary, Burrows draws both from his own life and the lives of those around him to tell deceptively simple tales that resonate with the universal. While the record unspools effortlessly as Burrow’s guitar breezes across the ears, those who take a moment to consider his carefully constructed compositions will be rewarded with a tapestry of lasting imagery.

Over a decade ago, Burrows left his native Ohio for Nashville in search of a songwriter community that would help him grow as a musician and find a place of belonging. His time in Nashville has proven fruitful, allowing him to develop his craft, form lasting relationships, and to release three acclaimed records: Tall Tales, Never One for Silence, and Forward. Burrows was nominated for the Deli Nashville’s “Best of”, and legendary radio DJ Wells Adams says “Burrows is one of the best lyricists in this town, which is saying a lot in Music City, USA.”

Yet Burrows is not one to hunker down. He has toured the United States, Canada, and Europe at the invitation of grateful audiences and other artists who admire his work. He has been selected for an official showcase at Folk Alliance International, recorded a Daytrotter session, played Music City Roots, and performed at numerous other well regarded listening rooms. “Over the last few years I was either touring and traveling or doing odd jobs” explains Burrows. “It’s a weird juxtaposition working a mundane job for a month where every day is the same and then traveling to unfamiliar places where almost every moment is new. The songs on Conversations were inspired by both realities. Yet, the stories often end up going in different directions and taking on lives of their own – and that’s the fun part!”

With the foundations for the songs in hand, Burrows worked with close friend and co-producer Josh Preston of indie label Me And The Machine to achieve a vision for the album. “Our recording process tends to be a little slow” explains Burrows. “I go in and demo the songs and we discuss production and throw ideas around. I’ll go play the songs live and become comfortable with them and then we begin recording. Musicians are called in throughout the process and over time it takes on the shape of a record.”

In addition to Burrows on vocals and guitar, Conversations features Preston (backing vocals, electric guitar, synth, melodica, slide guitar, bass, and Rhodes), Bill Bosler (hammered dulcimer), Jess Perkins (bass), John Wood (drums), Jeff Adamczyk (organ, piano), Wilson Conroy (dobro) and Chris James (Rhodes and keys).

“I hope listeners tap into their own senses when exploring the stories. These songs are just variations of conversations that we all have with ourselves and others” says Burrows. “Though inspired from my personal life experiences, they’re portraits of the human condition that I hope will feel familiar to everyone.”