Adam Burrows

Take Love Lightly

talk about surprises
talk about your luck
talk about a curveball thrown a hundred miles an hour in your direction
and no time to duck
you shoulda saw it coming
is what everybody always says
perceptions and deceptions and confessions always surface
once the last page gets read

i don’t want to be hurt no more
i don’t want to hurt nobody
i say what I mean
and i, i don’t take love lightly

talk about surprises
a shelter from the storm
i was planning on a long, hard season when the sun came out
and made me warm
i didn’t see it coming
and she didn’t either
sometimes you find the strength to breathe a desperate prayer
and the wind blows back an answer

she don’t want to be hurt no more
and she don’t want to hurt nobody
she says what she means
and she, she don’t take love lightly

If we do the best we can
everything’s gonna be alright
if we say what we mean
and we, we don’t take love lightly