Adam Burrows

San Diego Sally

san diego sally come east you’re overdue a fresh breath of appalachian air
i’ve been working overtime and missing my big sister color faded after you left here
remember jumping off the rocks at sutton dam watching the water wash away our woes
floating on an inner tube and listening to the bluegrass station on the radio

people ask about you in the super market checkout line
i tell ’em you’ll be coming ’round the mountain through the valley
any day and i’ll be waiting for you san diego sally

san diego sally they say that california can change a person through and through
i don’t follow the news but i suspect that california might be changing on account of you
we always knew you’d grow up and go away you were too restless for this sleepy town
no matter how far up the ladder you climb remember we’ll always be here when you come back down

people ask about you in the sunday morning service choir
i tell ’em you’ll be coming ’round the mountain through the valley
when ya coming we’re all waiting for you san san diego sally

all these company houses they still look the same
hard luck people with black dust smiles
i’ve been digging coal and missing you like crazy
sally come back east for just a little while

san diego sally bring a souvenir maybe some sea shells or a padres shirt
we’ll have corn bread and tomatoes and we’ll stay up late telling stories and
laughing ’til it hurts