Adam Burrows

Keeping Up Appearances

i’ve been having a hard time lately trying to find my place

every time i leave the house i feel like i’m in outer space 

i look around and all i see are spray-painted smiles on walls

i’m sick to death of all the social cues, my face is about to fall off

from keeping up appearances

the truth is i prefer to be alone

keeping up appearances 

if you need me leave a message on my phone

i don’t remember a ballot on the issue down at the election hall

or maybe it was one of those fine-print deals where they trick you into passing the law

either way it’s a contagious disease, no one says what they mean anymore

i caught myself saying yes to a vacuum cleaner salesman who came to the door

i was keeping up appearances

and i just bought a brand new vacuum last year

but keeping up appearances

somebody please get me out of here

i saw a snowflake pure and naked, it was a masterpiece

it melted in a pile of caked on makeup as it landed on a lady’s cheek

what an awful way to leave this world 

on someone keeping up appearances 

i’m not trying to make any enemies 

but keeping up appearances

i just wish that things were what they seemed 

instead of these appearances