Adam Burrows

Just Another Adam

it’s a new day
i can tell ‘cause i can see the sun
shooting like a bullet from a gun
it never used to feel this way

when i was 16
my father said to me in other words
there’s more to life than just watching the birds
the truth has not been easy for me

and my father is a dreamer too
so i imagine it was hard for him to break the news

that i’m just another adam
rushing toward my destiny of dust
i’m cursing crafty serpents
longing for an eden long lost

but it ain’t all hopeless
the evening breeze can ease the sunburn sting
and eve at times can ease most anything
her home cooked meal her fingertip caress

and time for dreaming
is left if you prioritize it right
have you seen the way the stars come out at night
i tell ya it’s one of my favorite things

and take it from me
the pleasure of the apple’s only temporary

i’m just another adam
speeding toward the inevitable end
and i’m cursing crafty serpents
i would probably do it all again

i’m just another adam
trying to make the most of what i’ve been given
and i’ll never feel entirely at home
’til i make it back to eden