Adam Burrows

Hello Fellow Traveler

hello fellow traveler, young and eyes full of fire

you remind me of what it was like to feel so alive

what you lack in experience, you make up for with hunger

whatever wisdom i have is yours without charge if you want it

but if you’re anything like me when i was like you

you’ll insist on carving a path you’re convinced your path is brand new

and if the lesson is still the same price

when it’s finished the fire in your eyes won’t burn quite as bright

but you’ll be alright

hello fellow traveler, smack dab in the center

of when you were born and when death will most likely occur 

by now you’re familiar with your limitations

sometimes you’d like to throw in the towel and just accept your station

but at night when you lay down, is it just me

or does a voice turn on in your brain that won’t let you sleep

and does it tell you what you already knew

that it won’t allow you to throw in the towel even if you want to

i guess we know what we have to do

travel on travel on

hello fellow traveler, old and approaching the end

i’ve so many questions i worry the answers will never sink in

like have you loved too little, have you lived enough

do you feel like you’ve made a difference, does it even matter that much 

and as you face the unknown have you any regrets

could you have done more, do you feel like you’ve done your best

have you any fears left or do they die out with age

peace be with you as you live out the rest of your days

and goodbye fellow traveler